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Program Design from Strategy to Story


Inspire people to action in support of your mission. Develop authentic, meaningful narratives depicting how your project is changing lives, systems, and power structures. Capture the experiences and perceptions of project staff and volunteers, community members, and project participants in their own words. Take project data and showcase assets for reports, proposals, and presentation decks using relevant videos, photos, infographics, text summaries of project progress. 


You and your team can manage and adapt your project from strategy to outcome. b.world is built on a modern logic model that creates a new best practice for connected nonprofit program delivery. This enables you and your team to always have the latest and correct information around goals, objectives, activities, indicators, measurements, budget and tasks.


A visual whiteboard helps you collaboratively build theories of change. The whiteboard is designed to facilitate the organic, non-linear process that organizations use during brainstorming that leads to a structured logframe.​ This is an incredible tool to help describe how activities and inputs lead to outputs and outcomes.

A better way to tell better stories 

If you want to move people, the technology you and your team leverage should be built for storytelling. Author authentic, beautiful stories backed by data and learning that you can share and publish to the world's social networks and across digital channels. 


b.world combines the most innovative technology and intuitive systems to help you harness the world's most proven way to inspire others to action - stories.


b.world is built from the ground up with you in mind. We've spent countless hours interviewing program managers, project managers, M&E specialists, communications directors, and more to make sure that b.world works for you first. Behind the scenes, b.world is built to make everyone in HQ happy. From data security to platform integrations we've got you covered. Built on Microsoft's Azure platform and aligned to the Common Data Model for Nonprofits, b.world is the place where you and your team can collaborate on everything from project strategy, management, and reporting and communications!

Some of Our Pilot Customers


The International Small Group and Tree Planting Program

Shift Capital

Riverbend Environmental Education Center


Don't Wait. Tell your story.

Built on Microsoft

Aligned to the

Common Data Model for Nonprofits

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